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Development and regeneration

Development and regeneration are about much more than building, repairing and maintaining tenants’ homes. While physical regeneration is important, social, economic and environmental regeneration are also vital if we are to successfully improve and support the communities of Govanhill and Merrylee.

Our major repairs and planned maintenance programme has an annual spend currently of around £2.8 million.

We have made reductions to total planned expenditure in this year’s plan, to help achieve the budget goals set by the Management Committee, with regard to restricting the annual rent increase.

As a result of the Covid 19 pandemic, our planned Window Replacement and Kitchen replacement programmes for 2020/21 remain uncertain as to when we might be able to take these forward with tenants in situ and due to working restrictions. Prospects for carrying out Central heating installations are more certain.

The Association will not now be able to complete its programme of energy efficiency works (EESSH), in time for the Scottish Government’s deadline date of 31 December 2020. We are currently unable to carry out works due to Covid-19 restrictions which look set to continue for some time to come.

Development Programme

The Association’s planned new build development at 159/161 Butterbiggins Road will provide 24 units for Social Rent and is scheduled to go on site around November 2020.

The Association is also seeking to develop the former Larkfield Bus Depot at Butterbiggins Road in partnership with Link Housing Association. This project would provide 60 units of Elderly/Amenity housing for GhHA, with Link HA set to provide 61 units Retirement Living for Link HA . This project is still in the early stages of development and is expected to go on site in 2021/22. The Association’s participation in the development is still subject to financial risk and viability appraisals for Management Committee approval, as well as negotiation of appropriate funding.

Finally, the Association is at feasibility stage for a small 12-unit site at South Annandale Street.

The Govanhill Housing Association Major Repairs and Planned Maintenance Budget for 2020/21 is £2.75m. More detail on this can be found here.


Our wider regeneration role focuses on challenges and issues raised by local people, including: learning, training and employability; community development and gardening; social and financial inclusion, advocacy and outreach services; social enterprise; and, addictions.

Govanhill Community Development Trust has a prime role in delivering projects and initiatives that promote the social and economic development of the community and its people.