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Association Governance

Our Management Committee

Annie Macfarlane


Annie has lived in Allison Street for over 20 years. In October 2012, she was co-opted onto the Management Committee of the Association, and was subsequently elected to the office of Vice Chairperson in 2013 . Annie is also a member of the Govanhill Community Development Trust Board. Annie was appointed as Chairperson in September 2018,

John McLardie

Vice Chairperson

John is currently a tenant of the Association and was previously a tenant of Glasgow Housing Association. He was Chair of the Govanhill Local Housing Organisation from October 2005 until the transfer of stock to Govanhill in January 2011. He has served on the Management Committee of the Association for nine years. He held the position of Chairperson from February 2014 to September 2018. John was appointed Vice Chair in September 2018.

Elizabeth Klein


Elizabeth has been an Association committee member for ten years and since 2010, has served as Secretary. Following second-stage transfer, she became a tenant of the Association. She was Chair of the Merrylee Local Housing Organisation subcommittee and was previously a long-standing member of the Merrylee Tenant Management Co-operative.

Keith Kintrea


Keith was invited to join the Management Committee in February 2014 to fill a ‘casual vacancy’ between annual general meetings. He was then formally elected at the 2014 AGM. Keith currently (since 2015) serves as Treasurer for the Association. Keith lives in Crosshill and has been a member of the boards/committees of three other housing associations at various times, including chairing two of them. Keith is Professor of Urban Studies and Housing at the University of Glasgow.

Mujeeb Ur-Rehman

Mujeeb moved to Govanhill over 12 years ago, and has been a tenant of the Association since October 2005. He was elected to the Management Committee in 2006. Mujeeb has over 20 years of experience in working with private sector and community organisations, dealing with financial management, business development, and community development.

Ghazala Hakeem

Ghazala has been a tenant for over 14 years. She joined the Management Committee in 2008 and has also served on the subsidiary company, Govanhill Community Development Trust. She has over thirteen years’ experience of various organisations’ management committees and boards. These include a women’s organisation, and in the youth, education, anti-poverty, community development and housing sectors.

Audrey Flannigan

Co optee

information to be added

Wilma Logan

Wilma is a well known member of the community, and has lived in Govanhill for over 14 years. Wilma joined the Management Committee in 2019.

Ian Doherty

Ian has lived in Govanhill for 21 years, and works full time in the procurator fiscal’s office.  Ian has two daughters who currently attend local schools and clubs in the area. Ian is enthusiastic about efforts being made to regenerate the area and wishes to assist in the future of Govanhill. Ian was elected to the Management Committee at the AGM in September 2017.

Cheryl Miller

Co optee

Information to follow

Jen Cassells

Chair of Development & Property Services Sub Committee

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Barbara Robertson

Barbara has lived in Govanhill for more than ten years and is involved with a number of local community groups, including the Govanhill Stakeholders Group, Govanhill Community Action and the Irish Heritage Foundation. She has a background in social care and currently works at the University of the West of Scotland as a student case worker for the student association. Barbara has been a co-opted member since the beginning of 2016 and was elected at the 2016 AGM.

Management Committee Structure and Remit

The Management Committee is the Association’s governing body. It has a minimum of 7 and a maximum of 15 members, including any co-opted members who are appointed to fill any vacant places after the AGM. Elected members of the Management Committee generally serve for a three-year term while co-opted members serve only until the next AGM. Vacancies on the Management Committee are filled at our annual general meeting in September

Four sub-committees (made up of members of the Management Committee) support the work of the Management Committee, which are detailed in our governance structure chart.

These are:

  • Tenancy Services
  • Development & Property Services
  • Finance and General Purposes 
  • Audit and Risk 

The remit and authority of each Sub-Committee is described in Govanhill Housing Association’s Standing Orders. This committee structure enables detailed scrutiny of the Association’s major business areas, while also permitting the Management Committee to focus on its role of providing strategic direction and leadership.

If you are interested in becoming a member of our Management Committee please contact John Quinn Director, on 0141 636 3621.