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South-West Govanhill

Following the success of the South-West Govanhill Property Acquisition and Repair Programme, a two-year pilot study which ran from Spring 2015 to March 2017, a four year follow-on programme was announced early in 2017. This runs from April 2017 to March 2021.

The new programme supports the Association to continue to purchase properties within South West Govanhill [SWG]. The Association will then carry out repairs and any necessary improvements. This is supported by £20m. of Scottish Government funds, £10m. of Glasgow City Council grants and an investment of £2.8m. by the Association – a total of £32.8m.

By the end of 2017, the Association purchased over 200 properties, predominantly from landlords, but also some private owners. The majority of these are in the four tenement blocks bounded by Annette Street, Dixon Avenue, Westmoreland Street and Calder Street, which was the target area of the pilot programme. We have also increased the number of closes we factor in these blocks from 5 to 36 during the same period.

The objectives of the programme are to provide better living conditions and help reduce overcrowding in the area, address the internal and external condition of acquired properties, and help to deliver a more effective system of property management and maintenance. The programme aims to meet housing need and provide support to new tenants and residents. Ownership by the Association also seeks to achieve a better tenure balance, offering residents secure tenancies at affordable rents.

The four year programme has allowed for expansion of the original target area, which now includes the blocks bounded by Calder St, Cathcart Rd, the railway line at Dixon Ave. and Victoria Rd, plus one block at Cathcart Rd between Calder St and Bankhall St. We work in partnership with Glasgow City Council, who have identified three priority phases for the roll out of the programme and their enhanced enforcement powers across this wider target area. An area map of the proposed phasing of the 18 blocks can be found here.

The main focus of acquisitions and repairs currently remains in and around the four blocks noted above. We consider various issues when buying properties. Priorities at present include purchasing in closes we already factor and where we already have ownership, and in acquiring flats for larger families.  We focus also on properties where common repair schemes have been carried out or where factoring arrangements could be improved. We are also preparing common repairs projects in closes where this is required.

Anyone interested in selling a property in the SWG area to the Association should express their interest to us, by telephone or by email to  We will note interest even if the property is a lower priority for us at present. We may be able to consider purchasing at a later stage in the four year programme.

The Association continues to believe that a comprehensive approach is needed to sustainably address the issues which have developed over time in the wider South-West Govanhill area. The Association continues to work with its partners to achieve this long term objective.