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Consultation on Rent Increases from April 2022 Underway


The Association’s Management Committee is consulting on a rent increase which would take effect in April 2022. All tenants have been sent a letter detailing the proposed increase and asked for their views before the 1st of February 2022.

The first option is inflation* plus 0.5% using the September figure this figure would mean an increase of 3.6%.

The second option is inflation plus 1% which would mean an increase of 4.1%.

These options take into account the continuing difficult financial climate due to both the COVID-19 pandemic and increases in inflation which are affecting costs everywhere right now.

To keep rent increases as low as possible the Association has continued to seek better value from contractors and suppliers to control costs, and to ensure that we carry out work as efficiently as possible. However, operational costs are now increasing, mainly as a result of inflationary increases which are affecting everyone. Without a rent increase, services will be affected.

As ever the Association is attempting to strike a balance between our ever-increasing costs, and the need to keep rent as low as possible.

The Management Committee welcome all views on these proposals

To give us your feedback, please complete and return the survey form in the FREEPOST envelope provided by 1st February 2022 or complete your feedback online using the SurveyMonkey link. including your tenant reference number.


* Govanhill Housing Association uses consumer price index as a measure of inflation, rather than the retail price index.




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