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Samaritan House Update

Govanhill Housing Association Service Update

Samaritan House: New Opening Hours 

The reception area at Samaritan House is now open initially on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 10:00-12:00 and 13.30-15:30.  

You will be able to come into the office and make an appointment to see a staff member if required. You will not be able to wait in the office to see someone but will be given an appointment to come back at a later time. 

Covid can be a serious or indeed fatal infection for some people and we are opening up as fast as we can while still trying to keep our customers, staff and contractors as safe as possible.

What we ask of Customers 

  • Phone or Email the Association in the first instance to see if we can assist without an appointment 
  • If you need a face-to-face appointment these can be made in advance by emailing or phoning a member of staff as well as by attending our reception  
  • If you are attending a face-to-face appointment, only the person with the appointment will be allowed to enter the building.  
  • You will be contacted in advance of the appointment so we can talk through the safe working process we have in place.
  • Wear a face covering unless you are exempt. Our staff will also be wearing face masks for your safety and theirs.  

Contacting the Association 

By phone 

Please use the direct number of the staff member you wish to speak to or else use our general telephone number 0141 636 3636.


Contact the Association by email at 

To contact a member of staff by email, please put their name in the subject heading and use 


For repairs during office hours please phone 0141 636 3669, 0141 636 3634 or 0141 636 3654 

Repairs Out of Office Hours 

Out of Hours Emergency Repairs Emergency Heating Repairs – City Technical Services on 0333 202 0708 

Out of Hours Health and Safety Emergency Internal Repairs – call MEARS on 02035893140 

Other Out of Hours Emergency Repairs – Pointer Call Handling Service, 0141 552 8647 


To speak to someone about your rent, including if you are having trouble paying your rent. 

Sandra Murray: 0141 433 2141 

Avril White: 0141 636 3662 

Loraine Jennings: 0141 636 3672 

Welfare Rights 

The Association has support available for tenants who need to apply for benefits or Universal Credit. Please phone our welfare rights team on 0141 636 3686 or email if you require assistance. 

Housing Team
Please contact your housing officer or housing assistant in the first instance. If you are unsure who your housing officer is a list is available here.  

Mandy Devlin (Housing Assistant): 0141 636 3681 

Tahira Naveed (Housing Assistant): 0141 636 3649 

Patricia Moran (Housing Assistant): 0141 636 3671 

Sima Moradi (Housing Assistant): 0141 636 3653 

David Sherwood (Housing Officer): 0141 636 3683 

Katy Bridgestock (Housing Officer): 0141 433 2146 

Debbie McInally (Housing Officer): 0141 636 3651 

Philip Smith (Housing Officer): 0141 636 3667 

Margaret-Ellen Gunn (Senior Housing Officer): 0141 636 3650 

Gordon Hill (Senior Housing Officer): 0141 636 3645 

Avril Stewart (Housing Services Manager): 0141 636 3655 

Factoring Team 

Ruby Khosla (Factoring Assistant ): 0141 636 3666 

Matthew Cameron (Factoring Officer):  0141 433 2157 

Heather Batchelor (Factoring Officer):0141 636 3673 

Sandy Thomson (Factoring Manager):0141 636 3679