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How to apply to our housing list

If you are interested in joining our housing waiting list, you can collect an application form from our offices at Samaritan House, 79 Coplaw Street, or our Merrylee Office, 53 Ashmore Road.

Guidance on how to complete the application form is included, along with details of the supporting information you need to provide.

The supporting information we need to process the application form is:

  • Photographic identification for the applicant and any joint applicant – documents such as passport or driving licence are acceptable.
  • Two proofs of residence for the applicant and any joint applicant – documents should have the current address. Utility bills, council tax letters and other official letters are acceptable.
  • One proof of residence for every other person to be rehoused – documents should have the current address, as above.
  • One proof of residence for every other person at the current address even if they are not being rehoused with the applicant.
  • Proof of ownership/tenancy of the current address – the documents we accept include the tenancy agreement, lease agreement, mortgage statement, factor’s invoice or buildings insurance documents.
  • Pregnancy – if anyone included in the application is pregnant, we require to see proof, such as the maternity certificate, which confirms the expected week of confinement.
  • Homelessness – If the applicant is homeless or threatened with homelessness, we require to see proof that an assessment has been made by the city council’s Community Casework Team so that this can be taken into account when assessing your application.

If you are not the owner or the tenant of the address you are currently living at, you need to provide written confirmation of who the landlord or owner of the property is, along with confirmation that you have permission to live there.

Preferences for housing

The application form includes options for you to advise us of the type of house you are interested in and the specific locations you would prefer. Please note that we will not consider you for properties that become available which do not match your specific preferences. You may, therefore, reduce your prospects of being rehoused if you restrict your choices.

Data protection

Govanhill Housing Association will use the information you have provided to help consider your housing application.

While you are on our housing list, and during any subsequent tenancy you have with the Association, we may add to, or modify, the information provided by you or others – for example, your current landlord – while you are on the housing list. We may also add to your information in relation to your tenancy with us if we rehouse you.

The Association has registered under the Data Protection Act 1998 to enable us to process personal information about housing applicants and other service users.

What happens next?

Once we have registered your application, we will send you a receipt showing your application reference number. We will then fully assess your housing needs and, providing you have submitted all of the supporting evidence we require, we will advise you of the level of priority given to your application. We will visit you at home to confirm all of your circumstances before an offer of housing is made to you.