GREAT Gardens

GREAT Gardens Ltd was established in 2008 as a subsidiary of Govanhill Housing Association following a very successful 5 years in the community as a grant funded project (Govanhill Recycling and Environmental Action Team) promoted by Govanhill Community Development Trust. 

As a registered Scottish charity, the company offers an employability pathway to young trainees, enabling them to learn new skills and preparing them for the world of work, so that they are better equipped to move on to further training, education or employment itself.

In addition, ‘GREAT Gardens’ actively engages with local residents, community groups, schools and volunteers, encouraging them to participate in environmental improvements and to take civic responsibility and pride in their community.

Charitable Purposes:

  • To advance environmental protection or improvement through  the provision of improvement and maintenance services to common green space areas and to raise awareness of environmental issues for the benefit of the Public, and
  • To advance education and training through acting as a work experience provider for schools and colleges and for persons not otherwise in education, employment or training in connection with gardening, horticulture and other environmental activities.


  • To provide a high quality service to the local community.
  • To offer training to young people that will not only teach them new skills but will enable them to move forward in their lives by increasing their employability and work experience.
  • To identify and generate income streams from undertaking work for both the public and private sector in order to subsidise the charitable activities of the organisation.
  • To ensure the sustainability of GREAT Gardens by becoming self-sustainable in the longer term

GREAT Gardens is involved in projects involving a number of partner organisations.   Clcik on the downloads below to find out more about their Queens Park Station project with Scotrail and the Community Garden project they will be working on soon.

If you are interested in volunteering with GREAT Gardens you may want to read our Policy on Volunteering available as a download at the foot of this page.

For more information please contact:

Eddie Dunlop - GREAT Gradens Manager

Telephone: 0141 433 9147




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