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GREAT Gardens projects and team

Originally established as a grant-funded environmental project, (Govanhill Recycling and Environmental Action Team) GREAT Gardens carries out works involving the protection and improvement of the environment and the advancement of education and training.

GREAT Gardens also works in partnership with Cassiltoun Housing Association and the Cassiltoun Trust to deliver the Castlemilk Park Employability Project, which uses local volunteers to carry out woodland maintenance in and around the park area. In addition, GREAT Gardens actively engages with local residents, community groups, schools and volunteers, encouraging them to participate in environmental improvements and to take civic responsibility and pride in their community.

Our main programmes of work include:

  • Garden maintenance of backcourts (Govanhill and Merrylee)
  • Garden maintenance of Samaritan House (Association main office)
  • Garden maintenance of Jamieson Court sheltered housing complex, including close cleaning
  • Garden maintenance of Dixon Halls, various gap sites, Merrylee newbuild, roof garden at Butterbiggins Road
  • Langside Road front gardens
  • Merrylee front gardens
  • Crosshill Gardens
  • Govanhill garden assistance
  • Cassiltoun employability programme
  • Coplaw Street community garden
  • Various small works orders
  • Victoria Court – maintenance
  • Forsyth House – maintenance
  • Belleisle House – Ongoing grounds maintenance
Staff team
  • Eddie Dunlop (Manager) – 0141 433 9147 (office) or 07964399553 (mobile)
  • Margaret Fletcher (Office Administrator) – 0141 433 9147
  • Ian Borthwick (Senior Environmental Trainer) – 0141 433 9147
  • Graham Hone – (Environmental Trainer, Landscaping)
  • John Owens (Environmental Trainer, Castlemilk Woodlands Trust)
  • John Madden – (Supervisor, Maintenance)
  • Phillip McChristie – (Supervisor, Maintenance)
  • Peter Kindred – (Backcourt Warden/Supervisor)
  • Ronnie Hastie – Backcourt Warden/Supervisor)
  • Mihail Prislopan – (Supervisor, Bulk Clearance)