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Our Services

In working towards achieving our vision, that everyone in Govanhill and Merrylee should.

  • Enjoy good quality, warm, safe and affordable housing that contributes to their health and wellbeing and to community pride.
  • Live in a neighbourhood that is clean and well cared for, with excellent neighbourhood services and opportunities for all.

The Association provides the following key housing services for tenants.

Services we provide to owner occupiers who live in closes we factor include :

  • A cost effective, efficient factoring service.
  • Close cleaning, and a cleaning service for communal areas.

Additional services we provide include:

Through our subsidiary Govanhill Community Development Trust (GCDT) we also provide a number of additional programmes and services.  This includes ESOL classes, Roma Family support, employability, coaching and training opportunities.

Our head office at Samaritan House also provides necessary financial, corporate, hr and health and safety support which underpin the services we provide to customers.