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Progress Taking Housing Into Social Rented Sector


The Vice Chairperson of Govanhill Housing Association, Annie Macfarlane, said: “Considerable progress has been made taking properties into the social rented sector and improving living conditions in the area, for instance, through the South-West Govanhill Property and Acquisition and Repair Programme.

“Of course, our work in Govanhill extends well beyond that programme. We continue to invest in carrying out major repairs to our tenants’ homes, building new and much-needed affordable housing – such as the development currently under way at the corner of Victoria Road and Butterbiggins Road – and regeneration of the wider community.

“As a community controlled and owned association, we will continue to work with local people to help improve the area, reduce overcrowding and promote more effective property management and maintenance. The long-term approach needed in Govanhill requires continued support from the Scottish Government and Glasgow City Council.”

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