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Major repairs

Energy efficiency and tackling fuel poverty are at the heart of the Association’s Major Repairs and Planned Maintenance programme.

The programme will focus on replacing older windows and central heating systems in need of replacement. The installation of high-performance double glazing and A-rated, energy-efficient boilers is intended to improve thermal efficiency and cut tenants’ fuel bills.

New central heating systems are an ongoing feature of the programme with replacements being undertaken when the existing system is no longer viable

Replacement windows (Phase 11) are currently planned for Association tenants at:

  • 10/22 Annandale Street
  • 3/11 Bankhall Street
  • 154/180/190 Butterbiggins Road
  • 248 Calder Street
  • 438/448 Cathcart Road
  • 89/91/92/95 Coplaw Street
  • 5/7/17 Daisy Street
  • 87 Hickman Street
  • 11/15/17 Langside Road
  • 8/14/20/26 Preston Street

Installation works are expected to commence March/April 2020