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The Procurement (Scotland) Act 2014 came into effect in April 2016 and one of the requirements of the Act is that RSLs which expect to have significant procurement expenditure (defined as £5 million) in the next financial year must prepare and publish a procurement strategy .

The Strategy sets out how we will direct our external spend on goods, services and works to meet statutory and good practice requirements, to achieve savings and to deliver wider local economic, environmental and social benefits for our community. It also sets out how our procurement activity will contribute to carrying out the Association’s functions, how it will deliver value for money and how it will contribute to meeting the general duties described in the Act.

Procurement Strategy

Procuement Policy

Annual Procurement Report

Expected Regulated Procurements

The Association expects to make the following ‘Regulated Procurements’ over the next 2 Financial Years – 2022/23 and 2023/24. These will be procured through The Public Contracts Scotland website. If you wish to be advised and be able to tender for such works, you need to be registered on the site.

We have also noted below the higher value non regulated procurements we expect to undertake.


Regulated Contracts 

  • Contractor Framework – Common Painter-work – Value c. £4M 
  • Appointment of Kitchen & Bathroom Contract – Value c. £4M 
  • Appointment of Close Cleaning Contract – Value c. £2M 
  • Appointment of Ground Maintenance Contract – Value c. £2.5M 
  • Offices cleaning contract – value c. £100k (In line with the terms of the current contract and because of Covid 19 we have extended the current contract by one year to allow us to properly specify the next contract with additional tasks and guidance due to Covid 19 expected). 
  • Consultancy Services for Business Planning and Assurance Regulation – value c. 100k over approximately 5 years 

Non-Regulated Contracts 

  • Appointment of main Contractor for delivery of a 22 unit newbuild development on the site at 159 Butterbiggins Road 
  • Appointment of Gas Quality Control Consultancy Contract – Value c. £30K 
  • Appointment of Cyclical and Reactive Repairs Roofing Contract – Value c. £200K 
  • Appointment of Periodic Electrical Testing and Repair Contract – Value c. £200K 
  • Appointment of Medical Adaptation Contract – Value c. £300K 
  • Appointment of Pest Control Contract – Value TBC 



Regulated Contracts 

  • Appointment of Responsive & Void Repair Contract – Value c. £6M 
  • Appointment of Central Heating Install Contract – Value c. £2.5M 

Non-Regulated Contracts 

  • Appointment of Lift Maintenance Contract – Value TBC