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Energy Advice Scotland

Free practicial advice on energy related matters for the citizens of Scotland. Call them on 0808 196 8660.

South Seeds

South Seeds can help if you find yourself with energy debt or if you’re unable to top up your meters, Call at 0141 636 3959 or come by the office at 514 Victoria Road.

South Seeds have a number of publications full of tips and advice on how to save money and energy.

How to Draughtproof a Front Door

In older homes, most heat is lost from the many small gaps around doors and windows and along skirting boards. Consider getting draught excluders for your doors, or heavy curtains to

cover a draughty window or front door.

How to Reduce Heat Loss Through Windows with Temporary Glazing Film

If your windows are single glazed, adding temporary glazing film is a cheap way to reduce heat-loss through your windows.

How to Adjust your Thermostat

As the weather gets warmer, it is important to adjust your heating controls. Contact South Seeds if you would like more support on how to do this.

LED Lighting Solutions – Switch to Save Electricity

Some light bulbs consume a lot more electricity than others. LED light bulbs are the most energy efficient ones.