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Repairs and services

Common repairs

Authority to act

The Association will undertake reactive and planned works at your property up to a cost of £200 per owner, or such other sum as may be agreed with a majority of owners of the block or set out in the Deed of Conditions for the property, without prior consent. For works over this threshold, agreement will be sought from the owners, as per the title deeds.

Emergency repairs such as water ingress may be undertaken where the costs exceed this threshold without receiving consent from owners. You will be advised as soon as possible of any works carried out in an emergency situation.

Repair administration charges

We will instruct and monitor works to a cost of £1,000 without you incurring additional costs for this service.

For repairs over £1,000 + VAT, there will be an additional fee of 5% of the cost of the works.

For repairs over £5,000 + VAT, there will be additional fee of 10% for the cost of the works.

These fees are in respect of additional work such as:

  • Liaising with other owners and agencies
  • Preparing documentation and obtaining owners’ written consents
  • Negotiating grants and processing grant applications where applicable
  • Preparing tenders and specifications in respect of the proposed works
  • Appointing consultants where applicable

Additional services

The Association can arrange services such as backcourt maintenance and close cleaning on agreement with the owners of the property. Charges for these services will appear on your quarterly factoring invoice.

We will also liaise on your behalf with other agencies in respect of close service charges such as City Lighting and Scottish Power. These costs will also appear on your factoring invoice.