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Selling your property

If you are selling your property, we will work with your solicitor to provide you with your final account and any other information required. There is a £50 administration fee for the additional work associated with the sale of properties.

We will require the following information from your solicitor in order to be able to produce a final account and update our records:

  • The date of sale
  • The purchaser’s name
  • The purchaser’s solicitor

Once we have all the required information, we will apportion your account up to the date of sale and provide your solicitor with the following information:

  • A final account, including all outstanding charges up to the date of sale
  • Details of the buildings insurance policy, including the summary of cover
  • Costs of any repairs carried out but not yet paid for
  • Details of any major repair works that have been planned but not carried out, or completed but not paid for

If you paid a factoring deposit, this will be deducted from your final account or refunded to you by cheque if your account is clear.

If you have any questions regarding the sale of your property, please contact a member of the factoring team.