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Our properties

The Association provides a range of property types and sizes. As of 31st March 2022 we have 2789 properties in the Govanhill and Merrylee areas.

Property Size

The vast majority of our properties are have 1 or 2 bedrooms. The table below shows the breakdown of our stock by size at 31 March 2022.

Size  Number of properties Percentage of properties of this type
Studio (1 Apartment)   36  1.29%  
 1 Bedroom (2 Apartment)  1179  42.27% 
2 Bedrooms (3 Apartment)  1195  42.85% 
3 Bedrooms (4 Apartment)  308  11.04% 
4 Bedrooms + (5+ Apartment) 71  2.55% 

Property Type

We have a range of property types, however the vast majority of our housing stock (60%) is pre-1919 tenement flats. The below table shows a breakdown of our properties by type at 31st March 2022.

Type  Number of Properties
Other Flat  23 
4-in-a-Block  69 
House  75 
Tenement  2622 
TOTAL  2789 



Our Properties: Type, Number and Location

The Association’s total housing stock at the end of February 2019 was 2,681 units.

  • 60% of the housing stock is pre-1919 tenement flats, rehabilitated and improved by the Association over the last 40 years through the very successful (but now abandoned) Housing Action Area for Improvement programme.
  • The purchase of tenement flats has resumed, with more than 246 flats purchased in the South West Govanhill Acquisition and Repair Programme area to December 2018.
  • The Association has built 274 new houses since 1982 to meet housing needs and address housing mix imbalances.  219 of the new build units are flats and 55 units are 2-storey terraced houses with back and front gardens.  We have a current new build project due to go on site in early 2020/21 which will provide a further 24 new flatted homes.
  • The Association acquired 665 homes in Govanhill and Merrylee in 2010 through stock transfers.
  • The housing stock provides a range of adapted, amenity and wheelchair housing and semi or fully-supported accommodation to meet the needs of particular client groups.