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Govanhill Community Development Trust Committee

GCDT’s board composition is five directors who are Management Committee members of Govanhill Housing Assocation, with four places for independent directors. Staff accountability for GCDT is through the Development and Regeneration Manager to Govanhill Housing Association’s Director.

Internal Directors

Keith Kintrea (Chair)
Annie Macfarlane
Barbara Robertson
James White
Mujeeb Ur-Rehman

External Directors

Mary Carson
Joyce Hardie
Tony Crosbie

Govanhill Community Development Trust and Govanhill Housing Association

Govanhill Community Development Trust (GCDT) is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Association, with each party’s rights and responsibilities regulated by legal documentation agreed between the two organisations. As group parent, Govanhill Housing Association:

  • Sets group objectives and policies.
  • Exercises control through its right to appoint and remove GCDT directors, and to approve GCDT’s business plan and budget.
  • Provides senior management and business support services to GCDT under contract.

GCDT has been very successful in attracting external funding for the services it provides, and it employs project/service delivery staff in its own right.

GCDT’s role is to deliver the Group’s wider regeneration activities and to manage and develop a portfolio of 31 office and workspace units that are leased as commercial business units. Further information on GCDT and its relationship with Govanhill can be found in the Business Plan Executive summary and background information.