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Govanhill Community Development Trust projects

Our main programmes of work include:

  • Volunteering development and support

    Our dedicated Volunteer Coordinator supports and trains local people as volunteers and helps local organisations recruit and develop their volunteers.

  • Roma support work

    We employ multilingual Community Development Workers who support Roma families to integrate into the community and understand and access support in relation to education, employment, health and housing. We also work strategically with local partners to develop and shape supports for Govanhill’s large Roma community.

  • Development of English and literacy skills

    Our ESOL and Integration Workers deliver a programme of English classes for those at all levels of English ability. In addition, we teach local people to read and write.

  • Integration activities

    GCDT staff deliver an array of activities to bring the whole community together and support the integration of local people:

    A trips and visits programme to raise awareness of local facilities and what they can offer to local people. We also support residents to understand and use public transport through this work.
    A buddying programme to reduce isolation and support local residents to understand and access local services.
    Information and awareness-raising sessions about services and supports, delivered in local primary schools.
    Peer education programmes – developing local Roma residents as peer educators to share information about rights and entitlements, local provision and facilities in relation to health.

  • Environmental improvements

    We have delivered two major environmental employability initiatives in recent years – supporting the refurbishment and maintenance of local backcourt areas. We are also systematically improving front gardens in South-West Govanhill.

  • Local economic development

    Creating and improving local economic opportunities through the development of local social enterprises, developing local residents’ employability and improving local shopfronts.

In addition to this work, GCDT continues to provide practical and funding support for Sistema Scotland, which is based in our Forsyth House building in Coplaw Street. Big Noise Govanhill, Sistema Scotland’s orchestra programme, has grown each year and our support has helped secure staff positions and build local support. More than 1,000 local children have learned how to play and appreciate music through Big Noise Govanhill.

GCDT has also delivered other community initiatives including:

  • Govanhill Community Action (GoCA) – enabling a wide range of community groups, agencies and local residents to meet and work together for the benefit of the community.
  • Working with Space Unlimited to take forward project ideas developed by young people in the area.
  • Working in partnership with the Association to support the delivery of the South-West Govanhill Acquisition and Repair Programme, promote welfare rights and provide wider support for tenants. We also secured funds to employ a dedicated Media Worker within the Association who works to raise the positive profile of Govanhill in the media.